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What We Do: Intelesoft helps all levels of organizations gain sustainable competitive advantage by leveraging their most strategic assets - PEOPLE. Leveraging human capital assets is about improving an organization's success by maximizing workforce performance and delivering higher returns to shareholders. Our reliable, cost-effective, and innovative solutions are easy to use and quick to deploy. Our solutions help employees perform better and achieve their career aspirations. Built on an open, scalable and highly configurable J2EE technology platform, our solutions seamlessly integrate with our customer's technology environments. Our customers include public and private companies.

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On an average, companies that do a better job of attracting, developing, and retaining highly talented employees earn 15 to 26 percentage points higher return to shareholders. In the global economy, successful companies will be those that are able to maximize employee contribution and commitment and create the conditions for seamless change. Our Talent Management suite helps organizations earn higher return to shareholders and helps employees perform better.
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Intelesoft Workforce Analytics™ integrates human capital knowledge within and beyond the enterprise into one desktop environment. It provides organizations the intelligence to identify human capital trends that can impact bottom-line. It offers unique platform to develop human capital strategies based on sound analysis of lagging and leading indicators. Its features include the ability to build models that help minimize risks and maximize ROI
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In today's business environment with perpetually shifting value chains, sustaining competitive advantage has become a singular challenge. Gaining insight into the unique strategic resources and capabilities has never been more essential to survival. Employees are the most valuable and strategic asset of an organization. Our management and technology consulting services help organizations strategize their most valuable and strategic asset - PEOPLE.
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  • Performance Management
  • Goals & Rewards
  • Competency Management
  • Compensation Planning
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Development Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • On-line Coaching
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